Want to lose weight? Eat breakfast at 7.11 am and dinner at 6:14 pm

224217-weiA new survey claims that one of the ways to lose weight, is to eat breakfast at 7.11 am.

The survey, conducted by Forza Supplements, reached upon this conclusion after studying the response of around 1,000 participants. During the survey, the researchers had asked dieters to recommend the perfect time to eat.

Lee Smith, managing director of the firm, said that the most important factor for most of the dieters is not the amount of food they consume but when they eat.

Smith continued that the after survey it was found that best times were 7.11 am for breakfast, 12.38 pm for lunch and 6.14 pm for dinner.

Most dieters recommended that low-fat snacks should be used as supplements if someone feels hungry in later morning or mid-afternoon. Breakfast considered by nutritionists as the most important meal of the day and diet experts suggest that one should take healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast on a regular basis can cause several health problems.

The results showed that a convincing 84% of dieters believed that sticking to specific meal times was crucial for slimming down.

The slimmers also agreed with the idea that eating dinner early can help with weight loss, as 67% recommended eating before 7 pm.

More than half of the dieters find that the hours between 6 pm and 10 pm is when they give in to their cravings, with 62% admitting that snacking past 8pm in front of the television was the real killer.

Smith said, “The results show that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day for successful dieters.”

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